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Spa Treatments Massage


Weary Wanderers Massage  (30mins)  €59.00

For stretching and anti-fatigue

Treat your weary, wandering limbs to the ultimate muscle melting massage.
Feet. Legs and lower back muscles are bathed in heated towels then coated in warming Ayurvedic oils where they are gently stretched, pummeled and kneaded to an ancient Goan rhythm.

This massage is sure to put the strength and bounce back in to the weariest post-levada legs....

Blue Marlin Massage (30mins) €59.00

For de-stressing and re-focusing

After a challenging day on the ocean in pursuit of the ‘Big One’, this massage will complete the adrenaline soaked deep-sea adventure.
Cooling coconut oil is firmly but gently massaged into the scalp, shoulders, hands, arms and back, where pressure points are activated and muscles manipulated to free the body of the tension built up after hours spent clutching rod and reel.

The treatment will leave you refreshed and focused for more marlin mayhem.

Golfers Massage (30mins) € 65.00

For stretching and mobilising

Specifically designed by Palheiro Spa’s dedicated team of professional physiotherapists and masseuses to relax, de-stress, stretch and mobilize muscle groups used for playing golf....

Foot Reflexology (30mins) € 54.00

To relieve tension and promote suppleness

Pressure is applied to the feet and hands utilising specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion.

Personalised Body Massage (1 hr) (30mins)

For personal rest and relaxation

A personalised body massage designed specifically to meet the body’s current needs.
Clients are encouraged to ‘design’ their own treatment by explaining how they’d like to be massaged, which muscles are most in need of attention, and the intensity of the procedure.

In addition, they can choose their favourite oils from the spa oil bar and decide if the oil should be applied heated or at room temperature. A totally unique experience!


Lomi Lomi Hot Stone Massage (1hr) € 109.00

For profound relaxation and anti-fatigue

A deeply relaxing massage combining the use of warmed volcanic stones, coconut oil and traditional Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage technique.

Based on holistic healing tradition, the skin is stretched through careful application of the hands that work gently but deeply into the muscles with continuing flowing strokes. The stones are then used to replicate the path of the hands.

The body is freed of muscle tension and the skin left smooth and nourished....

Balinese Massage (1hr) € 109.00

For increased circulation and overall wellbeing

An ancient treatment, Balinese massage is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic ritual that uses a variety of techniques including skin rolling, kneading and stroking, acupressure and reflexology to stimulate circulation, ease muscular and joint pain, and induce a profound feeling of calm, balance and wellbeing

The application of essential oils further relaxes and soothes the body....

Abhyanga Full Body Ayurvedic Massage (90mins) € 132.00

For re-energising and calming the nervous system

A revered 500-year-old system of natural healing that originates from the Vedic culture of India.
Traditionally used to detoxify the body using gentle, tailored rhythmic strokes and the whole palm of the hands. Helps ease tension in deeper tissues to re-energise and re-invigorate, strengthens the immune system and alleviates fatigue.  

Warm, nourishing oils help correct the doshas – the ratio of balance in mind and body – and calm the nervous system.

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