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Palheiro Spa Signature Massages

Golfer’s Massage (30mins) € 65.00

For stretching and mobilising

Specifically designed by Palheiro Spa’s dedicated team of professional physiotherapists and masseuses to relax, de-stress, stretch and mobilize muscle groups used for playing golf.

Weary Wanderers Massage (30mins) €59.00

For stretching and anti-fatigue

Treat your weary, wandering limbs to the ultimate muscle melting massage.

Feet. Legs and lower back muscles are bathed in heated towels then coated in warming Ayurvedic oils where they are gently stretched, pummeled and kneaded to an ancient Goan rhythm.This massage is sure to put the strength and bounce back in to the weariest post-levada legs.


Blue Marlin Massage (30mins) €59.00

For de-stressing and re-focusing

After a challenging day on the ocean in pursuit of the ‘Big One’, this massage will complete the adrenaline soaked deep-sea adventure.
Cooling coconut oil is firmly but gently massaged into the scalp, shoulders, hands, arms and back, where pressure points are activated and muscles manipulated to free the body of the tension built up after hours spent clutching rod and reel.
The treatment will leave you refreshed and focused for more marlin mayhem.


To make a reservation please fill out the form on our Booking page or call  or email us:
PH: +351 291 790 352
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