Madeira Hotel - Quinta Casa Velha do Palheiro - Luxury Country House

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Celebration Recipes for Casa Velha

Moelleux of hot chocolate accompanied by a Suzette sauce


250 g of melted butter
275 g of melted black chocolate
9 egg yolk (gema)
225 of sugar
100g of flour
9 beated egg white

Way to do it
1 - Mix both chocolate and butter and reserve
2 - Beat the sugar with egg yolk until it is creamy and then mix with the flour
3 - Beat the egg white until it is "merengue style"
4 - Mix nº 1 with nº2 and after mix with nº3
5 - Pour the mixture into 90ml of pastry inox rings and cook for 6 minutes at 190ºC

Yogurt sorvet

500 g of Natural yogurt
½ l of water
600 g of sugar
100 g of glucose

Way to do it
1 - Make a syrup with the sugar and water
2 - Mix well the syrup with the glucose and the yogurt
3 - Pour the mixture in the sorvet machine until it is frozen

Suzette sauce

½ l of orange juice
70 g of orange and lemon zest
25 g of Grand Marinier
150 g of sugar

Way to do it
1 - Make a caramel with the sugar then pour in the orange juice, the zest's and the Grand Marinier and then reduce until a syrup texture.

Serve the hot moelleux with the yogurt sorvet and the suzette sauce.

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