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Palheiro Estate enjoys a beautiful hillside location with stunning views of the ocean and the city of Funchal. Since it was acquired by the Blandy family in 1885, successive generations have managed the transition from traditional farming to leisure based activities.

This strong tradition of hospitality and quality continues in all areas today, from golf and the hotel to the gardens and flower business; from real estate to property management and even the sports motor cruiser. The names of Blandy and Palheiro are synonymous with quality on Madeira Island and beyond.

The Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro Estate

Extract from
Madeira Impressions & Associations 1924, by Alan Lethbridge
With reference to the 1st Conde de Carvalhal

An eccentric Portuguese gentleman, by name Carvalhal, was out shooting in the wilderness of rising hills in the early years of last century. His friends and he were much struck by the beauty of one particular spot, nearby which stood the thatched lodgement of a blacksmith.
It must be understood that this was not a blacksmith in the usually accepted sense of the word, but a man who did odd jobs, such as mending pots and pans, shoeing horses if chance occurred and supplying wine and such refreshment as he had to passing travellers. It was a very lonely place. Someone said half in-joke, "Why not build a house here? Just the place and so healthy!" The idea appealed to Carvalhal, who promptly bought the blacksmith out, acquired the ground and ordered a house to be built. After twelve months he returned to see how it was getting on and finding it nearly finished said: "I must find a name for this place." He was told that he need not trouble, for the local peasantry had already named it `the house of the blacksmith's thatched cottage'. And so it has been called to this day.

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